Revolutionizing Thyroid Cancer Treatment: Ablation over Surgery with Dr. Giovanni Mauri

September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Important, surgery isn’t always necessary for treating thyroid cancer. In fact: as many as one in three people have thyroid cancer and do not die from it, rather, with it. 

In this interview, Dr. Giovanni Mauri, an interventional radiologist specializing in ablation for the treatment of various conditions including thyroid cancer, shares his insights with Philip James on the Doctor Thyroid and RFAMD podcasts.

Dr. Mauri highlights one of the recent advancements in the field of ablation – the possibility of treating small thyroid cancers (up to one or two centimeters) without surgery. This innovative approach allows for the complete treatment of the cancer while preserving the thyroid gland.

He advises every patient diagnosed with thyroid cancer to be aware that ablation is a valid treatment option. He emphasizes the importance for both physicians and patients to know that this option exists, and encourages patients to seek advice about the possibility of being treated by ablation instead of surgery.

The interview concludes with Dr. Mauri extending an invitation for anyone with doubts about this procedure to reach out to him. His contact information is available in the episode description for those interested in learning more about treating thyroid cancer with ablation.

The discussion provides a fresh perspective on thyroid cancer treatment, focusing on non-surgical options and the potential benefits of ablation. The interview wraps up with a farewell from Italy.


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