Five Key Things that Best Thyroid Surgeons Ask Their Patients

The best thyroid surgeons share these 5 things in common.

Often, patients are told questions to ask their surgeon.

But, more important, might be the key question a surgeon asks the patient, and the key things he/she says, including:

  1. IT WON’T KILL YOU (PAPILLARY). Episode 74 of Doctor Thyroid explores this topic.    < 99.9% of the population will die from thyroid cancer.
  2. WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK? Episode 51 of Doctor Thyroid with Dr. Shaha explores the importance of this question.
  3. WATCH AND WAIT IS AN OPTION. Episode 50 with Dr. Michael Tuttle explains this treatment approach.
  4. THERE ARE SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES. See the 10 (above).  Also, listen to episode 76 with Dr. James Netterville.
  5. TAKE YOUR TIME AND DO NOT RUSH. Papillary thyroid cancer is slow, it will not kill you, and is over-diagnosed and over-treated.  Move slow.  Episode 6 with Dr. Van Nostrand

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