77: Levothyroxine and Hair Loss, Thyroid Health with Dr. Susanne Breen

60-Minutes With a Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Susanne Breen

Is a board certified naturopathic physician. She completed her medical training at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) after initial medical studies at the Oregon Health Sciences University in conventional medicine. Healing, she discovered, required more than medication or even natural remedies. Her inspiration came from her advanced studies at NUNM in gastroenterology, including Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), where she learned about the root causes of her personal health challenges. She read Breaking the Vicious Cycle, changed her diet, found direction from practitioners and started her path to health. She brings her personal experience and training to help others do the same.
Dr. Breen completed a residency with Dr. Gary Weiner at Pearl Natural Health and continues to see patients at this location. Her training and expertise in the areas of IBD/IBS, thyroid health, bio-identical hormones, gynecology, IV therapy, herbal, nutritional and lifestyle changes offers people a holistic, integrative and comprehensive model of care.
Dr. Breen is a wife and mother of two children. She enjoys living in the Pacific Northwest where she hikes, snow skis, and gardens. She has a special love for animals, including her two cats, fermented foods and Tabata workouts.

In this episode, the following topics are discussed:

  • Fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, anxiety, and depression.
  • Sub-clinical hypothyroidism
  • Standard range for TSH has changed over the years, .5 – 1.5 TSH is optimal
  • Armour Thyroid vs Levothyroxine
  • If antibodies are involved than it is most likely related to the gut
  • Getting off thyroid medication
  • Testing: TSH, free T3 T4, TPO antibodies, reverse T3
  • Getting motivated and inspired by fixing thyroid
  • Selenium
  • Iodine
  • Thyroid supplements
  • Treating fertility
  • Hair loss and levothyoxine
  • Joint pain and levothyroxine
  • Nature vs Armour
  • Magnesium interfering with T4
  • Analysis of gut and assessment: bad breath, burping, etc.
  • Stool testing for SIBO
  • Progesterone and testosterone
  • Testing for adrenal fatigue through saliva throughout the day
  • Cortisol secretion related to grief or stress
  • Desiccated bovine adrenal
  • Graves’ disease and testosterone fix
  • Breath tests and pathogens
  • Microflora
    Digestive and thyroid health are connected
  • Bowel movement frequency and constipation
  • Whole foods and unprocessed foods
  • Sugar, inflammation, and heart disease
  • Homemade yogurt and cow’s milk and removing lactose, fixing bloating
  • Food allergy testing
  • Achy joints, painful feet, anemia, cramping, testosterone and estrogen, neuro-therapy, ozone therapy, acupuncture, blood flow, dizziness, hydration, lyme disease, and muscle spasms.

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  1. Suma G Nathan

    Hi Dr. Susanne, Humana the HMO, had a Thyroid Seminar last July. they had 40 people in attendance. Here in Las Vegas. The information on the HyperThyroid & Hypothyroid. the differences were discussed!
    However, when they the audience that the only answer was Levothyroxine for the rest of you life…I had to stand up and exclaim that one has a lot of other options!!! In fact I also mentioned that I am Hypo all my life, and conquering it now, also having just had a ultra sound for thyroid nodules (which were very small and not of concern) I am breaking that down also with God’s Pharmacy!! I honestly thought they would throw me out, as I have been asking Humana to include me in for a General Nutritional Talk..they never answered!! Leep up your good work!! Suma G Nathan, Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Planetary Chinese Herbologist, Strength Trainer, Rock & Roll Dancer, going on 83 yrs young

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