89: Thyroid Cancer Web Sites Confuse Patients with Dr. Rashika Bansal from St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center

Intended to Educate, Thyroid Cancer Web Sites Get a Failing Grade When it Comes to Readability

Dr. Rashika Bansal

is a PGY-2 resident in Internal Medicine at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in Paterson, NJ. Her major research has been with diabetes prevalence and awareness in rural India, with special interest in thyroid disease.

In this episode Dr. Bansal shares the research she presented at AACE 2017 and ENDO 2017, regarding the poor readability scores for thyroid cancer web sites.

The challenge for these web sites and health institutions is to translate thyroid education from complex to simple and easy to understand.  Currently, many patients are not following with treatment, citing confusion after being exposed to the various thyroid cancer education resources.

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  1. Shantanu

    I echo these thoughts. Information on the internet is extremely difficult to parse be it any medical condition. Thankful to Dr. Bansal for having brought about awareness regarding this in the medical community and hope that some steps can be taken to adresss that. In Dr. Bansal’s words – “awareness of what is happening leads to a better treatment”. Great podcast!!

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