Dr. Greg Randolph on Patient-Centered Approaches to Thyroid Nodule Treatment

September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Important, surgery isn’t always necessary for treating thyroid cancer. In fact: as many as one in three people have thyroid cancer and do not die from it, rather, with it. 

In a comprehensive interview conducted by Philip James from the RFAMD and Doctor Thyroid podcasts, Dr. Greg Randolph from Harvard Medical School shares his insights on patient-centered approaches for treating thyroid nodules. The interview focuses on thyroid ablation, a procedure that treats thyroid nodules without surgery.

Dr. Randolph emphasizes the importance of not only measuring the volumetric reduction of the nodule after ablation but also considering patient-reported outcomes. These outcomes include the patient’s perception of the nodule, such as whether they still have a lump sensation in their neck or a visible lump. Despite the successful reduction of the nodule size on ultrasound, the patient may still perceive a visual or physical presence, thus it’s critical to include what’s meaningful for the patient in the outcomes.

He also discusses the importance of understanding a patient’s concerns and expectations. Whether it’s a benign nodule or a low-stage malignancy, each patient will have their own concerns and priorities. Some may fear the potential of a hidden cancer while others may be apprehensive about surgical procedures. Hence, the treatment decision should be apparent after a thorough discussion of the patient’s preferences and the medical realities.

Lastly, he stresses the importance of physicians offering a variety of treatment options. For benign nodules or small cancers, patients should have the option to select from different rational treatments. Dr. Randolph also advocates for spending adequate time with the patient, allowing them to ask questions and make informed decisions.

This patient-centered approach fosters a less paternalistic, more collaborative physician-patient relationship, ensuring that the patient’s desires and concerns are addressed during the treatment process.


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