12. Advanced Blood Testing and Cellular Biology with Dr. Mark Engelman from Phoenix, Arizona

In this episode, hear from Dr. Engelman, recognized as one of the top doctors in functional integrative medicine, he has advanced degrees and certifications in functional, metabolic, anti-aging and stem cell medicine. Engelman Health Institute is advanced science, and personalized care. This “new medicine” incorporates the best of traditional practices and natural and alternative diagnostic modalities.

In this episode the following topics are discussed:

  • How well does your body make energy?

  • How does your body repair?

  • How well are your anti-oxidants working?

  • How well do you rid your body of free radicals?

  • Are you pre-conditioned to crisis?

  • The next generation of lab testing and diagnosis has arrived with resources such as Cyrex Labs and Nutreval.

  • Thyroid health issues mimic other ailments, such as inflammation, gluten intolerance, and increased permeability (leaky gut).

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