06: Monitoring Recurrence of Thyroid Cancer by Measuring Thyroglobulin (Tg) and TgAb with Dr. Carole Ann Spencer from USC

In this episode, Dr. Spencer, Professor of Medicine at University of Southern California, Discusses the Importance of Testing for Thyroglobulin-antibodies and Thyroglobulin

Dr. Spencer

earned her PhD from Glasgow University in Scotland. She then went on to complete two fellowships, one in Clinical Biochemistry at Glasgow, and the other at the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry.

Dr. Spencer’s major areas of research interest are thyroid physiology and pathology, thyroglobulin and thyroid cancer, immunoassay techniques, thyroid hormone metabolism, and the cost-effective use of thyroid tests. Her current research includes clinical significance of Tg and TgAb in patients with thyroid cancers, parameters for optimizing thyroid hormone suppression of TSH for DTC. Studies on hypothalamic/pituitary mechanisms for regulating TSH, and testing for thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy.

mportant notes from this interview include:

  • only 10% of nodules are malignant.
  • when getting blood panels each six months, it is very the important to of measure TgAb every time.
  • consistency is important in blood tests, meaning, use the same laboratory and manufacturer’s method every time.
  • the most reliable method of testing TgAb is the machine manufactured by Kronus (RSR) or Roche.  When getting blood tests, be sure to request either of these manufacturers for TgAb results, each of these manufacturers are 100% sensitive.
  • Beckman is  the most commonly used manufacturer, but only is 79% sensitive to TgAb results.
  • always use the same Tg and TgAb methods and the same laboratory.

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