28: Patient Story 2 – Kimberly Dorris – A Comprehensive Analysis of Graves’ Disease

This episode is a thorough presentation of Graves' Disease from Kimberly Dorris, an educator and expert, and also a patient. In this episode, listeners will gain a thorough understanding of a disease that is often confused with other diagnosis. Kimberly Dorris is the Executive Director and CEO of the Graves' Disease and Thyroid Foundation, a small nonprofit organization based in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. Ms. Dorris has a unique perspective on thyroid dysfunction, having lived with both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. She was diagnosed with Graves' disease in 2007 and took methimazole for seven years. A​pproximately 18 months after stopping the methimazole, she became hypothyroid and is currently taking replacement hormone. ​

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24: Patient Story 1 – Judy O’Reilly – Thyroid Cancer and Hypothyroidism

In this episode, we hear from Judy O'Reilly. Judy was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2011. Following surgery, Judy speaks about the frequent challenges, including adjusting medication dosages, hypothyroidism, and her energy levels hitting the wall during daily activities. For Judy, the cancer diagnosis forced the conversation of talking about death with her children and husband. A singer and musician, the thyroid cancer and resulting surgery has caused vocal challenges.

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71: A Patient’s Determination to Find Better Treatment for Hashimoto’s

In this episode we hear from Doug, and 37 year old, male patient of Hashimoto's. Discussed, are the following topics: • Panic attacks • Nervous • Sweating • Can’t get out of bed • Putting on weight • Feeling coldness • NP Thyroid® • L-Tyrosine • Synthroid • WP Thyroid • WP Thyroid and L-Tyrosine combination therapy • High heart rate on T3

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68: Diagnosed With Graves’ Disease ⎪Then Thyroid Cancer

18 years ago Lorrie was diagnosed with Graves’ disease. Then, in 2017 she received a diagnosis of thyroid cancer.  In this episode we hear Lorrie describe the following: * Papillary thyroid cancer * Long delayed pathology results * Graves’ disease * Balancing Graves’ disease and a thyroid cancer diagnosis * Emotional roller coaster of feeling optimistic and other days of sadness. * The feelings and emotions of related to a cancer diagnosis * Being careful about the information shared on the Internet and potential negativity * Support network and family * Nodule size was 1.1 cm, but with history of Graves’ disease, she decided to forego active surveillance

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