56: Levothyroxine and Hair Loss⎥Thyroid Health, with Dr. Susanne Breen

In this episode, the following topics are discussed: * Fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, anxiety, and depression. * Sub-clinical hypothyroidism * Standard range for TSH has changed over the years, .5 - 1.5 TSH is optimal * Armour Thyroid vs Levothyroxine * If antibodies are involved than it is most likely related to the gut * Getting off thyroid medication * Testing: TSH, free T3 T4, TPO antibodies, reverse T3 * Getting motivated and inspired by fixing thyroid * Selenium * Iodine * Thyroid supplements * Treating fertility

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19: Hypothyroidism – Moving From Fat, Foggy & Fatigued to Feeling Fit & Focused with Elle Russ

In this episode, we hear from Elle Russ, Author of The Paleo Thyroid Solution, and former hypothyroidism sufferer. Elle discusses: Hypothyroidism symptoms — including physical, mental, and emotional. How to find the right health professional. Hypothyroidism treatment with T3. The importance of iron and ferritin. The emotional toll of hypothyroidism. Nutrition strategies.

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17: Información Clave Para Saber Sobre el Cáncer de Tiroides y La Cirugía con el Doctor Fabián Pitoia del Hospital de Clínicas – Universidad de Buenos Aires

El Dr Fabián Pitoia es Médico Endocrinólogo, es Jefe de la Sección Tiroides y Coordinador del Área Investigación de la División Endocrinología del Hospital de Clínicas - Universidad de Buenos Aires. En esta entrevista, discutiremos: Los síntomas que una experiencia del paciente puede saber que tienen un problema Si cirugía siempre es una necesidad Cuándo se quita sólo la mitad de la tiroides?

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15: Combination Therapy of T4 and T3:  Combat Hypothyroidism, Weight Gain, and Fatigue with Dr. Antonio Bianco from Rush University
Dr. Antonio Bianco

15: Combination Therapy of T4 and T3: Combat Hypothyroidism, Weight Gain, and Fatigue with Dr. Antonio Bianco from Rush University

Thyroidectomy often leads to hypothyroidism-like symptoms. This includes brain fog, sluggishness, weight gain, unmotivated, and water accumulation. Dr. Bianco’s research has revealed the connection between thyroidectomy, hypothyroidism symptoms, and T4 only therapy. Although T4 only therapy works for the majority, others report serious symptoms. Listen to this segment to hear greater detail.

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12. Advanced Blood Testing and Cellular Biology with Dr. Mark Engelman from Phoenix, Arizona

The next generation of lab testing and diagnosis has arrived with resources such as Cyrex Labs and Nutreval. How well does your body make energy? How does your body repair? How well are your anti-oxidants working? How well do you rid your body of free radicals? Are you pre-conditioned to crisis? In this episode, hear from Dr. Engelman, recognized as one of the top doctors in functional integrative medicine, he has advanced degrees and certifications in functional, metabolic, anti-aging and stem cell medicine.

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