11: When Your Medical Professional Gets Thyroid Cancer with Dr. Aime Franco from University of Arkansas

Dr. Aime Franco from University of Arkansas is a leading thyroid cancer researcher and has overcome thryoid cancer. We discuss quality of life post surgery. During this interview we explore the following: Does thyroid cancer have a good prognosis compared to other cancers because its different or because we are aggressive with surgery and radiation therapy? What were some personal insecurities when facing thyroid cancer surgery? What are the questions in regard to TSH that the medical community is overlooking?

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10. Advanced Blood Testing and Cellular Biology with Dr. Mark Engelman from Phoenix, Arizona

The next generation of lab testing and diagnosis has arrived with resources such as Cyrex Labs and Nutreval. How well does your body make energy? How does your body repair? How well are your anti-oxidants working? How well do you rid your body of free radicals? Are you pre-conditioned to crisis? In this episode, hear from Dr. Engelman, recognized as one of the top doctors in functional integrative medicine, he has advanced degrees and certifications in functional, metabolic, anti-aging and stem cell medicine.

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