33: Combination Therapy of T4 and T3: Combat Hypothyroidism, Weight Gain, and Fatigue with Dr. Antonio Bianco from Rush University

Combination Therapy of T4 and T3 as a way to combat Hypothyroidism

Dr. Antonio Bianco,

Rush University Medical Center as professor of medicine, senior vice chair in the Department of Internal Medicine and division chief of endocrinology at Rush University Medical Center.  He has more than 30 years of experience in thyroid research.

Bianco’s research interests have been in the cellular and molecular physiology of the enzymes that control thyroid hormone action in which he contributed more than 200 papers, book chapters and review articles, and lectured extensively both nationally and internationally.

Recently, he has focused on the aspects of the deiodination pathway that interfere with treatment of hypothyroid patients, a disease that affects more than 10 million Americans. He is Director of Bianco Labs.

Thyroidectomy often leads to hypothyroidism-like symptoms.  This includes brain fog, sluggishness, weight gain, unmotivated, and water accumulation.

Dr. Bianco’s research has revealed the connection between thyroidectomy, hypothyroidism symptoms, and T4 only therapy.  Although T4 only therapy works for the majority, others report serious symptoms.  Listen to this segment to hear greater detail in regard to the following topics:

  • Combination therapy of adding T3 to T4
  • 85% of patients on Synthroid feel fine.
  • Nearly 5% of the U.S. population takes T4, as revealed by the NHANE survey
  • Residual symptoms of thyroidectomy include depression, difficulty losing weight, poor motivation, sluggishness, and lack of motivation.  For some, there is no remedy to these symptoms.
  • The importance of physical activity and its benefit in treating depression
  • If we normalize T3 does it get rid of hypothyroid symptoms?
  • Overlap between menopause and hypothyroidism symptoms

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  1. Jan Burgess

    this was done in 2017; is there an update on current research on T3?

    Jan Burgess

    1. Philip James

      Jan, thanks for your comment. I will have an updated interview regarding T3 soon.

      1. Trish Waddell

        Thank you, Is there an update yet. Trish

        1. Philip James

          Trish, we have Dr. Bianco scheduled for a new podcast on August 15. It will also be shared live on the Doctor Thyroid Facebook page.

    2. Philip James

      Jan, the new broadcast from Dr. Bianco is scheduled for August 15.

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