11: When Your Medical Professional Gets Thyroid Cancer with Dr. Aime Franco from University of Arkansas

A Deeper Look into The Struggles Post-Thyroidectomy

Dr. Aime Franco

is professor at the University of Arkansas.  She leads a research group investigating the role of thyroid hormones in tumorigenesis.  She is also actively involved, both locally and nationally, advocating for the importance of biomedical research and the importance of engaging patients and survivors in cancer research.

After, completing her Ph.D. in Cancer Biology, she became a thyroid cancer research fellow at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in the Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program.

Dr. Franco is a survivor of thyroid cancer, and balances her research as a mom and competitive triathlete. 

In this interview we explore the following:

  • Does thyroid cancer have a good prognosis compared to other cancers because its different or because we are aggressive with surgery and radiation therapy?
  • What were some personal insecurities when facing thyroid cancer surgery?
  • What are the questions in regard to TSH that the medical community is overlooking?
    Which prescription medication works best?
  • How often and when should thyroid blood markers be tested?

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