Doctor Thyroid is the information I wanted when diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and during the setbacks that resulted from surgery. 

In 2013 I received a thyroidectomy. 

The result was remnant cancer left behind, a paralyzed vocal cord, and parathyroid damage – resulting in lifelong dependence on calcium and vitamin D.

When told the ‘c’ word, it resulted in anxiety and a desperate hunt for patient information that was easy to understand; my hunt came up empty-handed. Many existing thyroid cancer resources fail the patient.

Now, I am the podcast host at Doctor Thyroid. I interview the world’s best thyroid doctors. 

I am a patient advocate and promote transparent thyroid cancer information that is not bound by third-party interests. When you listen to the Doctor Thyroid podcasts, its the information I wished for back in 2013.

Would you like to hear from a particular thyroid doctor or expert?  Or, maybe you have a related inquiry?
Please email your requests to me at, [email protected]

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