My name is Philip James.

In August 2013, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, which resulted in a complete thyroidectomy and removal of the lymph nodes. My laryngeal nerve was injured during surgery, causing a vocal cord paralysis. Shortly after the thyroidectomy, I received radioactive iodine treatment. A follow up surgery was performed for a laryngeal implant due to the paralyzed vocal cord, which was the result of thyroidectomy and poor surgical skills. 

My surgeon at UCLA told me I had a so-called “good cancer.” However, during the months after the surgery I experience symptoms of mental confusion, loss of muscle mass, changes in metabolism, forgetfulness, and shortness of breath. This surgery and the mistakes made by the surgeon impacted my quality of life; vocal cord paralysis caused airway obstruction, which hinders physical activity and derailed my professional speaking career.

When participating in local thyroid cancer support groups, I discovered other patients who face similar challenges, and struggle to find good support and resources.

Since then, I have been determined to obtain more information on the subject – seeking out the most recognized thyroid specialists who think beyond the norm and who were up-to-date on the latest trends in thyroid treatment and medical innovations. 

My mission has resulted in the Doctor Thyroid podcast, a platform designed to give easy access to the best available information about thyroid-health, as presented by the best doctors – all from the convenience of ones phone.

The word I use to describe my work and provide patent education is ‘tonglen’, or using my pain and hardship to help others. I hope that through the Doctor Thyroid platform, you can obtain resources that help you improve your quality of life, find the best available information, and help you make the most informed decisions related to your health. 

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Wishing you good health and perseverance.


Philip James