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72: [Spanish] La Conexión Entre el Corazón y el Hipotiroidismo. Entrevista con la Dra. Gabriela Brenta de Buenos Aires

En esta entrevista, discutimos los siguientes temas:
* Menos función cardiovascular
* Hipertensión
* La conexión entre el funcionamiento del corazón menos y el hipotiroidismo
* El riesgo cardiovascular
* Resistencia cardiovascular
* Mayor colesterol LDL e hipotiroidismo
* Hipotiroidismo subclínico y riesgo
* Niveles de TSH
* Niveles de TSH por encima de 10
* Colesterol e hipotiroidismo
* Riesgo residual y estatinas
* Mejorando la absorción de T4
* Levotiroxina y buen cumplimiento
* Osteoporosis

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66: Five Important Things Your Thyroid Surgeon Maybe Not Telling You, with Dr. Akira Miyauchi

During this episode, the following topics are discussed:
1. Financial burden of surgery versus total cost of active surveillance over ten years. 
2. Stretching Exercises for Neck
3. Setting patient expectations prior to FNA to manage anxiety
4. When the laryngeal nerve is severed during thyroid surgery, it can and should be repaired, with proper surgeon skill and training. 
5. The most common question asked to Dr. Miyauchi by surgeons from around the world. 

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